Why Video Is a Must For Your Marketing Campaigns?

video marketing campaign

Nowadays, Videos have become the perfect channel for marketers— they portray stories in a direct, simple, and entertaining manner to their audience, which prefer to consume information this way over other types of material.

Similarly, animated explainer videos are extremely effective at spreading the word due to their potential to be used everywhere: they can be played on your website, in search engines like YouTube and in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The power of videos can reach everyone, so you need to include them in your marketing campaign. Let us explain why:

Customers Love Video

Let’s be honest: people are getting lazier every day. And that’s certainly understandable due to the overwhelming offer of (mainly visual) content available online. Time is the most valuable asset for people anyway, so your company should not make them spend it unnecessarily.

With that in mind, animated explainer videos have become the perfect marketing tool to use to tell your customers what your company is all about. It’s proven that a single marketing video on a website increases average visit time from 8 seconds up to 2 minutes, and that’s telling you something about these video’s power over online audiences.

People just love to watch a story being told in an audiovisual way. And if you made a great quality video, they will also pay attention to what you have to say (I mean, promoting your product or service).

Customers tend to appreciate and trust well-made advertising because they can see the effort behind it. Therefore, if you’ve invested hard work and close attention to detail in your video, your viewers will easily turn into potential customers.

Customers Share Video

When people see something they like, they tend to share it. Great-sharing content gives people prestige, one of the most treasured currencies in these times of self-centered tweets and Instagram posts.

You should be able to make an animated marketing video that is worth sharing. Why? Not only for terms of coolness, but also because when your visitors share your video, they’re basically acting as independent marketers who are working for free: they’re advertising your brand on social media and telling everyone on their newsfeed your video rocks!

But wait, there are even more benefits to this whole sharing process: as your video gains popularity and presence, your company is doing pretty much the same, helping your business getting out there and standing out among the competition.

Customers Remember Video

One of the greatest benefits about animated marketing videos is that, when you’re showing something involving images and sounds at the same time, you’re granting your viewers with information that they can instantly store in their minds and later recall.

If your video holds some sort of emotional connection, that memory will become stronger. This is great news for your business in terms of brand awareness. A great video will be remembered by your visitors and that information is crucial when making an actual purchase.

For further knowledge and advice on brand awareness through animated marketing videos, please read this nice article of ours.

It All Comes Down To Numbers

According to recent surveys, video is the favorite content among marketers due to their effectiveness at promoting: companies that use marketing videos require 37% fewer unique site visits to generate marketing response or raw unqualified leads. That explains why video is considered, among marketing materials, as the ones that provide the best ROI.

Videos are also powerful resources to help your website gain notoriety in the two most important search engines -Google and YouTube- and in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Consequently, the presence of your brand online will be covered.

All of these benefits aim at contributing to what’s more important for marketers: sales. It’s been proven that having an animated marketing video increases conversion rates by 20% viagra hinta suomessa.

Trust is an essential ingredient in the process of buying something. People trust that, by buying a certain product or service, they will fulfill a certain need. Animated explainer videos are great resources to use to ease that process: they’re popular, shareable and memorable!

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