Why Not Using Social Media Videos May Leave You Crying in the Corner?

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A research was carried out by Cisco which has predicted that by 2018 about 79% of all consumer internet traffic will be video traffic. Undoubtedly, Videos are the future of content marketing. Nowadays online videos are quickly becoming a key approach for people to fulfil their need of information and entertainment. Still many businesses are failing to include it in their internet marketing strategies which will affect their overall strategy.

More and more people are watching videos for their informational, educational and entertainment needs every day. This not only includes average consumers but also the B2B market. When it comes to potential reach, undoubtedly, a video is incomparable. YouTube get more than one billion unique visitors monthly – that’s more than any other channel, apart from Facebook.

People like to watch social media videos and there’s nothing to stop them. If you as a small, medium or even large business owner are yet to use video marketing, you better start right now.

In the UK, for example, one of three people watches at least one online video a week. That’s about 20 million viewers weekly in the UK only. Average internet user worldwide watches around 186 online videos a month.

Videos are Peerless

Video marketing can be superior to any other type of marketing because videos are more viral, engaging and easy to digest. People watch, like, share and comment on videos more likely than on any other type of content. Videos engage people in a much more effective way, the way that texts and pictures simply cannot do.

People like to watch other people and video is great. It can easily build trust, relationship and believability. Same goes for human voice – one of the main reasons why we are drawn to videos is that vocalized content is perceived better. Use the power of human emotions and movement – all these simple factors are proven to increase positive feedback from your potential customers.


7 in 10 people change their view of a brand to a positive one after watching interesting and engaging videos done by this brand cialis generika österreich. Videos allow companies to make their brand more “human”, get closer to people. By investing some money in a good quality video, even a small business can create an image of a larger, more legitimate, superior quality brand.

Videos are a great way to improve you SEO and site’s visibility. It might be close to impossible for you to make it to the first page of Google but it still possible to make it to the first results page of YouTube, the number 2 search engine in the world. And being high in YouTube search might be even better for your business since the average conversion rate from videos is 50% higher than from any other type of sales page.

With the cost of video-making software and hardware constantly going down there are endless possibilities for all types and sizes of business to use video to their advantage. Watch good examples and let your creative juices flow – you will most probably see the reward quite quickly.

Always remember to give something to your potential customers in each video – it can useful tips, training, share your opinions on an important subject or just something funny that it’ll lift up the mood. You can still pitch your product or service, just don’t make the sole purpose of the video.

Use Calls to Actions – don’t assume that people will do whatever you want them to do without you specifically asking for that. It just doesn’t work this way.


Ask your viewers to subscribe, like, share, comments, and register or buy after they’ve watched the video. Make them aware that you appreciate them interacting with your video.

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