Video Marketing – How Videos Affect Search Engine Rankings?

Video marketing has revolutionized the internet. Videos go viral easily compared to text content. Due to this is a great increase in the number of video sharing sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo etc. Small business owners can make use of local video marketing to promote their business, as it is very effective compared to other methods of online marketing.


The basic reason behind this is people look for products and services based on the location they live. You can grab the attention of local customers through local SEO and video marketing. Video SEO mean a lot for small business owners, and every business owner should be aware of the benefits of local video marketing. Below are some benefits of video marketing –

Improves customer interaction


Local video marketing enhances customer interaction, as videos are considered as the best tools that allow your company to interact with your customers. It allows them to see more than text and images, and encourages the viewers to stay connected. Videos help the viewer’s understand the concept in a better way. Whether you are in marketing domain or services based business, videos work well in every domain. The key benefit of local video marketing is that they help the viewers to leave their feedback or post comments regarding the video, which is a great way to interact with customers.

Unique ideas


Videos can be created with unique and creative ideas. You can convey the message in a visually appealing way through videos. A good way to start with is to watch the top rated videos on YouTube and other relevant sites. You will get an idea on how videos can be created and delivered for better results. Remember that the videos should be clear and easy to understand. No matter what you want to convey, it should hit the bull’s eye.

SEO and page ranking


Local video marketing is one of the best SEO strategies as it targets local audience. After realising the video in local market, the search engine ranking will automatically increase. Remember that more than 70% of search engine results on Google are videos and a quality video on your website help you improve the page ranking on search engine results comprar viagra online


Data analysis


Data analysis is another benefit of local video marketing. Many vide hosting sites have analytics that allow you to know how many people are watching or watched your video.   These statistics will help you understand how well the video is working and influencing the viewers. By analyzing the data, you will know what changes or improvements need to be implemented in future videos.

Videos drive customer actions

Local video marketing drives a broad array of customer actions. It increases the number of visitors to the website by 55% and physical store visits by 30%. Local video marketing revenues showed drastic growth in 2014 and it is expected that this number will increase more.  In a survey, it was found that more than 40% of the consumers watch videos twice a week.

Videos help you dominate your competitors


Video marketing can be considered as cold war approach, where more and more business owners try hard to dominate their competitors. An effective video in local SEO market can help you achieve desired growth and popularity in a short time span. Consumers are constantly looking for products and services, which kept online search on top. As said, videos get ranked high on search engines and can be shared easily. Moreover, they stay online for years till there is an order to remove.

Local video marketing has shown proven results to increase the search engine ranking and targeted traffic. If you are not making use of local video marketing, then you are missing a lot. Business owners often have the question that why small businesses need an SEO expert? The answer to this question is SEO experts are good at local SEO and video marketing. They help you promote your business in easy steps.

Why late? Opt for the services of best video making Company and promote your business effectively. Video marketing for SEO is on rage for years and continue to grow more.

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