5 Hidden Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

Several years back, video production was merely a job that demanded some technical skill andexpertise that needed large teams of experts, and even bigger budgets, to make videos that were highly enjoyed by the masses.

But nowadays, however, improvements in customer technology saw the expenditure of cameras, editing software and recording equipment tumble, and with these advancements came down the boundaries that stood between the crowds and the proficiency to create their own video content. Fast forward to the modern day, and YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the internet – in fact, video currently makes up 1/3 of all internet activity.

It’s a long established belief among online marketers that content is king. But, 2014 saw drastic changes to search engine algorithms which resulted in many sites being penalized for failing to produce variety in their content. As a result, marketers are turning to video for diversity and discovering that there are many other hidden benefits to creating video content.

Social shares
There are many outdated theories that claim to help spread the reach of your online content, but the hard truth is the more easily-consumed content is and the easier you make it share, the further your content will go. Video makes it possible to consume a lot of information easily, which can help improve the chances that it will be amplified and shared on. In fact, recent statistics was released that suggested Twitter users share more than 700 YouTube videos a minute.
Facebook, the pinnacle of the social media, is a platform that rewards users who regularly post video content. In the past, Facebook had an “Edgerank” algorithm which would value video content highly, meaning users who regularly posted videos to the site would experience further reach on their other posts. Even though this Edgerank algorithm no longer exists in the same capacity, users have suggested that there are still similar benefits to hosting video content on Facebook.

For some time now, large companies such as Amazon, have been reporting the positive conversion benefits of video content. Studies conducted into e-commerce businesses that utilize video marketing found that shoppers were 34% more likely to purchase from a company after viewing an online video advertisement, showing that video can be powerfully persuasive. This persuasiveness is also something that B2B businesses can draw upon as 92% of B2B customers have admitted to watching online videos relating to their work or industry.


As technology advances and we become more mobile in our internet browsing habits, many users are beginning to look for more convenient ways to access the information that they need web. The introduction of 3G and 4G means that video marketing is now a viable solution to this need. Internet video viewing habits are already impressive, with 55% of internet users watching at least one video on YouTube a day, and as video because more accessible to content consumers across a number of different devices, this figure is only likely to strengthen. So, if you fail to take this into consideration when producing content, you will quickly find yourself left out in the cold.

Emotional benefits
When it comes to connecting directly with your audience, a video is capable of achieving in two minutes what written content, or images, achieve over the course of a 10-minute article. Story telling through video allows you to directly invoke emotions and reactions from your audience with greater ease. In addition, it can also help build trust with your audience. A recent report found that nearly half of all consumers said they trusted the brand after watching an online video advertisement.

It may come as a surprise to you, but behind Google, YouTube is the internet’s second biggest search engine. Video is an ideal way to easily portray complex information to an audience, which means YouTube is not only a place for entertainment, but also a huge resource of useful information serving in excess of 4 billion views a day. Having said this, you may begin to see why video is becoming so instrumental to online business marketing.


Video can even help improve your visibility on more traditional search engines such as Google. It has long been suggested that video content on a web page can, in fact, act as a positive signal to Google and result in a boost in rankings – a theory that is beginning to gain some credibility following Google’s announcement that content needs to be rich as well as varied.
Whether you already use video in your marketing strategy or not, it is becoming increasingly apparent that online video is here to stay, and it is likely that, because of this, it is going to become ever more integral to search engine algorithms. So, if you have not previously considered the power of video marketing, perhaps now is the time to do so before your business is left in the dark ages.

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